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Children's mattress BABY 160x80 cm

BABY children's mattress measuring 80x160 cm suitable for sensitive children's skin. Double-sided mattress consisting of 3 layers (buckwheat, PUR foam, .. more

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Children's mattress BABY 160x80 cm

BABY children's mattress measuring 80x160 cm suitable for sensitive children's skin. Double-sided mattress consisting of 3 layers (buckwheat, PUR foam, coconut). Sleep on the buckwheat side or on the coconut side? Children can choose which side is more comfortable for them or according to the season. Simply turn the mattress.

The core of the mattress is covered with a soft removable cover suitable for allergy sufferers. Natural layers (buckwheat, coconut) in combination with medium-rigid PUR foam have unique properties that ensure quality and healthy sleep for children. Discover the advantages of each layer of mattress :

Mattress layer 1 - buckwheat

Buckwheat is carefully stored in special chambers, which are evenly distributed throughout the mattress layer. Buckwheat sewn into breathable pockets does not form any lumps and adapts perfectly to the body of a lying child.

The natural properties of buckwheat have a positive effect on the health of sleeping children. Buckwheat is not heated from the body of a sleeping baby, reduces sweating and protects against skin diseases or bedsores. Other benefits of the buckwheat layer include support for the healthy development of the spine and improved overall blood circulation thanks to the buckwheat, which gently massages and thus stimulates blood flow.

The buckwheat layer has an anti-stress, antiseptic and antibacterial effect (no mite multiplication). In short , a healthy and safe layer.

Mattress layer 2 - polyurethane foam (PUR)

High-quality polyurethane foam (so-called foam) provides the required flexibility to support the child's spine. The foam is equally rigid and flexible in all places. It is a medium-rigid T18 on the mattress hardness scale. This stiffness meets the requirements for children's mattresses for everyday sleeping.

3rd layer of mattress - coconut fiber board

Coconut fibers combined with a mixture of natural and organic rubber form a compact plate thanks to careful pressing. Coconut fibers are elastic, hollow inside, do not dust or puncture.

The advantage of the coconut layer is the ability to wick away sweat and moisture. You will certainly appreciate the resistance to bacteria and fungi. At the same time, the coconut fiber is characterized by perfect thermal properties and ensuring adequate air circulation inside this mattress layer.

Each layer of mattress is made with maximum benefit for the child. The combination of carefully selected natural and synthetic materials guarantees safe and comfortable use.

Advantages of the mattress :

  • antiseptic, antistress, antibacterial effects
  • blood circulation support
  • flexibility and airiness
  • excellent sweat and moisture wicking
  • resistance to molds and mites
  • The components used to make the baby mattress meet the hygienic requirements for baby products
  • the hypoallergenic coating is machine washable

Mattress parameters :

  • Width x length - 80x160 cm - the mattress is suitable for beds with an inner size of the bed frame 80x160 cm.
  • Height - 10 cm.
  • Hardness - medium hard T18 - provides the child with adequate spine support.
  • Mattress load - 50 kg.

Mattress cover composition :

  • top layer - 100% PES
  • middle layer - hollow fiber PES
  • bottom layer - microfiber
  • wash at 40 ° C

To maintain the longest life of the mattress , be sure to purchase a mattress protector.

BABY children's mattress line : The core of the mattress consists of 3 layers of different materials (buckwheat, PUR foam, coconut fibers). The mattress is suitable for the sensitive skin of the smallest ones and at the same time provides optimal support for the child's spine. An ideal choice for healthy sleep for babies, preschoolers and schoolchildren.

Dimension of mattress: 160x80 cm
Mattress type: Antibacterial mattress, Foam mattress
Weight limit: 50 kg
Height mattress: 10 cm
Mattress Firmness: 3 - medium
Type upholstery: antiallergic
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